Welcome to the Jungle... Have you got what it takes?


Are you interested in joining Wild Cheer Athletics in the new season? Click HERE for more information

Is there a wild cheerleader in you just waiting to break out? Unleash that desire by joining one of Moncton's wildest all star cheerleading squads, "Wild Cheer Athletics".

Are you ready for Season 4!! We are!! This season we have 8 teams working hard with our knowledgeable, experienced coaches. Wild is ready to bring everything they have to their competitions this season and show everyone what it takes to be released into the WILD!

Our teams are currently full and half way into Season 4. Competition Season starts in February and will go until May. Keep an eye out in the new year for postings about how you can be a part of Wild Cheer Season FIVE! We will also have tubling classes starting again in the new year for existing and new athletes!

Wild Cheer was created by two girls who live and breathe Cheerleading, and want to share their love for the sport with Moncton. With your help, they plan to make competitive cheerleading a sport to be reckoned with. Last year was a major success, and this year is turning out to be even better!

Whether you have experience or not you might just find out that you were Born to Be....


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The Latest News!

Our competitive teams are on their way to a successful season! Keep an eye on our EVENTS page to see upcoming fundraisers our athletes will be taking part in and for any clinics and open gyms that we open to EVERYONE even if you are not a member of Wild Cheer Athletics!